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June 1, 2009, 3:15 am
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Join Kelly Jones in a one-off special “LEARN HOW TO BE PSYCHIC” class. Class runs for 3 hours and guarantees that each participant leaves having given 3 accurate Psychic Readings. 

In conjunction with Spiritual Cinema I offer you the next step in your awakening toolkit. Knowing the truth is not enough – one must also start experiencing it! It is time the human being began to use the 98% of their minds that have been left dormant for the last 100,000years and in doing so become the Gods they truly are. 

If you wish to join this special class, bookings are essential. I have not held this class for many months and have decided to host this one intuitively. I am becoming aware that as we begin to participate in the future and understand further the truth of the human condition – it is crucial that one begins operating intuitively. It is with this understanding that it gives me great pleasure to host this special evening for those inspired to change their lives indefinitely.



“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein

Become the master of your fate with intuition. 

People who are masters of their fate are aware of their destiny, using each experience to further their spiritual development. The incredible payoffs for people who use their intuition are the seemingly miraculous synchronicities that occur regularly. Ever have that gut feeling about something – but just don’t know what that message is or where it’s coming from? Well that gut feeling is really your intuition. And just what is intuition?

Intuition is the inner eyes that enables each of us to determine truth over non-truth and to live in accordance with our highest purpose. Intuition is not esoteric, it is not airy-fairy, it is not meditative, it is not religious, and it is not available only to the minds of a select few (contrary to the old- school secret clan of Fortune Tellers and Psychics). Intuition connects us to infinite awareness where we are all as one, for this reason it is the language of love. And as David Icke says “Love is the only Truth, everything else is illusion.”




There are many different types of Intuitive Readings – but the one I pre-dominantly use and teach is Symbol Reading. It was this reading that single handily, without question, introduced me very quickly (in a matter of hours) to my intuition.

1.Current Reality

A current reality reading basically identifies the limiting paradigms and disabling belief structures that are preventing you from becoming and having that which you truly would love.

2.Greatness Readings:

A Greatness Reading looks at your original intention coming back into this lifetime.




Learning to do readings for others is a great service of love to offer all people. To learn to do readings on yourself is an even more phenomenal tool, because after developing it you wont need to rely on anything or anyone outside of yourself. You will be in your Sovereignty. You become your own master.




Yes. It is natural and innate to all of us. Ive taught 100’s of students from every background to use their intuition and accurately do psychic readings.




The classes are very relaxed and enjoyable. You are invited to wine and dine as you feel the desire. I am all about fun and a sense of easy-going-ness. It is not scary at all. It is a lovely feeling and you will be at ease immediately.



Date: Tuesday 16th June 2009

Price: $50.00

Time: 7:00pm (please arrive by 6:45pm where possible)

Place: The White Room | Glitch Bar & Cinema, 318 St Georges Rd, North Fitzroy

RSVP: Yes By Monday 15th June 2009 to Kelly Jones e:

Contact: Kelly Jones | 0402 509 247 |

NB: Do not let money, the weather or time prevent you from grabbing this opportunity to become a Master. All of those experiences are external and connected to the logical mind – the world of the 5 senses. Knowing the TRUTH involves more than just acquiring information. Knowing the TRUTH involves you becoming that which you seek. It involves you becoming your own answers, your own path and your own teacher. This requires you to turn on your Intuition and start living your life according to its guidance.

If it is money you are worried about work something out with me. But never let $50.00 stop you from becoming the beautiful and power God that you are. Never. Ever.


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